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In an intense Strategy,
Where one may face the other for a long time
Without engaging and without retreating,
Careful observations are essential.
Sun Tzu

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Click Click Click

When you hit on a realization, master a solution, or perform at your best, something just seems to click. When things click, you know it's right. It's magic. But what's the secret to making things click when you want them to?

Dan Schaefer's toolbox of proven techniques has been used by professional athletes, entertainers, and top executives who need to make things click on demand. When the competitive edge really matters, Dan's approach can really make things click for you. In this book, you will explore three of Dan's effective programs:

  • Secrets of professional athletes: breakthrough competition tactics for sports and business professionals.
  • When losing is not an option: mind game strategies to accelerate personal and organizational change and get you on the fast track to winning.
  • Alone at the Top: advanced methods for communication and business development.

Get out of the dark. Break through the closed doors. With Dr. Dan's help, you can now click on the lights, click open the lock, and start to click with the winners.

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