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Those who are aware of triumph
When it is obvious also to the multitudes,
Do not have excellent skills.
To lift an autumn leaf is not an act of great strength.
To see the sun and moon is not an act of sharp sight.
To hear a sudden thunderclap is not an act of acute listening
Sun Tzu

For Executives: The Ultimate Business Development Secret

Whether you seek to build your business by deepening relationships with your existing contacts, establishing new ones or some combination of the two, one thing doesn’t change: starting the business conversation is hard.

Peak Performance Strategies has developed a set of programs that will open doors to you like never before. You’ll even get past those tough, skeptical gate keepers when you’re cold calling.

For decades, business has been done on the golf course. There are many good reasons for this, including that change of environment has a powerful ability to get people to see things differently. To take advantage of the favorable conditions golf creates for deepening business relationships and more fully exploring opportunities, Peak Performance Strategies presents a range of innovative golf-based programs. These can be held on the golf course or indoors and are guaranteed to shave 3-5 strokes off attendees’ scores within weeks.

Programs include:

Depending on the program we can accommodate 5 – 25 people in each program session. While we typically present to mixed groups, our Women-Only events have become very popular.

Smart and successful businesspeople have used our golf programs to:

  • Thank key clients.
  • Get the attention of cold-calling prospects (nobody turns down a golf-improvement program).
  • Help clients promote their businesses and treat their clients.
  • Network strategically with various groups (CEOs, CFOs, attorneys, CPAs, etc.).

Find out now how a PPS golf program can help you build your business.